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J Joe:
“Very happy with their professionalism and standards. I had an MOT and to my utter surprise, they pointed out an oil leak.

I stupidly went to the so-called garage opposite the golf course 3 weeks prior to the MOT for an oil change!!!!!!!!! Which cost more than it did with Bushey Hall Garage, I’ll say no more, other than, I will only ever go to Bushey Hall Garage now.”

Bushey Hall Garage’s response:
“A visit to your local garage should not be an unpleasant experience.  It remains Bushey Hall’s aim to find out what your concerns are, or what checks are due and to carry out your instructions. If we find anything that is of concern on your vehicle while checks are being made, we contact you to advise and get authority to proceed with anything other than the original instruction – unless of course you tell us up front to do whatever is needed.  In this event, we will still only carry out what is essentially needed on your vehicle and you will be informed.

We are not here to sell you something you do not need but we are here to keep you safe and your vehicle maintenance and repair costs down.  So, with more than 70 years service to the motor repair industry under our belt, we know a fair bit about motors! Staff training is continuously updated.  

Drive safe J Joe and you know where we are, if you need us again.”