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Who do you know running a Vauxhall Zafira? More than 235,000 vehicles have been recalled already due to potential fire risks. 168 Zafiras have to date caught fire!

Now a further 47000 are being recalled in the uk – same reason!

It’s the Zafira b models with electronic climate control now causing grief. Vauxhalls say they need to replace the heater blower motor and regulator. Owners affected can expect a recall letter and should respond immediately, getting vehicles put right through their dealership.

DVSA is hitting vauxhall with a criminal investigation and MPs have slammed the company for blaming the fault on ‘improper and unauthorised repairs.’ The transport select committee says the manufacturer has shown ‘reckless disregard for safety.’

If you know anyone running a Zafira b model with an electronic climate control system, get them to call their nearest vauxhall dealership immediately for advice.