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Bushey Hall Garage aims to save you money and the planet, too!

We will repair tyres where we can, avoiding the need for a  new one and to reduce the 40m waste tyres produced in the UK every year!  500,000 are shipped out of the country to be landfilled and one site in Kuwait is now so vast it can be seen from space!

One thing our centre will not do is sell you a part worn tyre.  There’s no history and it may have been involved in an RTA, perhaps a contributory factor.  We will repair if we can, replacing with new if we have to..

So how do we reduce that waste!  Put it back on the roads!  Highways England are currently trialing a new asphalt road surface on the M1 between junctions 22 and 23 using granulated rubber in the mix. Up to 750 waste tyres could be used on every  kilometre of road.  They are checking for durability. Watch this space. 

For car or van checks and repairs, call Bushey Hall Garage on Watford (01923) 237135.