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BMW has issued a global recall of all its plug-in hybrid models if built between January 20th and 18th September 2020.  There are concerns that a battery fault could pose a fire risk.

So anyone with a petrol-electric version of the BMW 3,5 and 7 series, the X1,X2,X3 and X5 SUVs, the 2 Series Active Tourer and the Mini Countryman PHEV  built in that timeframe this year– should contact their main dealer for advice.  Also affected is the i8 built this year until production ended in April. 

Around 26,700 new cars are thought to be affected,  with 2930 already delivered to buyers and the rest awaiting delivery. 

Problems have been found with foreign contaminants which may have been sealed into the battery packs during production.  When the battery is fully charged it could lead to a short circuit within battery cells which may result in a fire.  BMW says the PHEV recall and delivery stop is a “preventative measure” and it has been reported in Germany that a solution could be found with a fix rolled out by the end of the month.

Ford has also recently had a  similar recall out on its Kuga PHEV.

Our advice is, if you have one of these vehicles,  do go back to your main dealer and get them checked.  If you have already received a recall letter or notification, act upon it.  Call your main dealer for further information.  You need to be sure your vehicle is sound.  That timeframe of new vehicle builds again- January 20th and 18th September 2020.  Drive safe.