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Last weekend I headed for an area around the Wash for a couple of days R & R. Advancing floodwaters meant 15 to 20miles north of Branston we could be boating!  We saw cars in ditches and radio traffic alerts warned of impassable roads. And we were in the Jaguar not the Range Rover! Stiff British upper lip time! 

If floodwater gets into your vehicle, your insurance company could write it off due to water ingress to vital components such as ECUs, electronic control units! Its very hard to remove the smell let alone get floors fully dry. Carpets and trims need replacing. Then there’s all those components to consider under the bonnet and hidden around your vehicle.  

Check out your destination first, find out where the delays are and areas to be avoided.  Ensure your vehicle is in good working order. Carry a hivis jacket, torch and working mobile phone. Have warm drinks or water on board, high energy foods, such as snack bars and chocolate, a change of clothes, warm coat and blanket. Umbrella, Wellies too!

And finally keep the telephone number of a good garage handy that has the ability to get you out of the drink any time. Recovery is just one of the services we provide. 

Call Watford 237135.

DAWN Ayres.
Director Bushey Hall Garage