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First time using this garage

Customer Testimonial:

First time using this garage. Will definitely recommend them. Extremely kind, knowledgeable and helpful staff. Wonderful atmosphere where everyone is obviously happy to be working there. My car was fixed perfectly and on time. I would love to work there myself!!!!

(Vehicle owner)

Bushey Hall Garage response:

So pleased we were able to be of service Nicky. We always aim to please! Look forward to seeing you when your vehicle needs its next check or fix. Dawn Ayres. Bushey Hall Garage.

Meticulously Mentoring Testimonial

Dear Dawn,

I’m very grateful for meticulously mentoring me with a tremendous amount of attention to details. You allowed me to have a better insight into the BNI consciousness.

I visited your gigantic garage for getting my car MOT’d. Your team were extremely friendly, prompt and reliable. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to all my friends and associates.

I enjoyed working with you and also the mentorship you offered.

Kind Regards,

Shailesh Vadodaria

Spring Clean

Ok its Spring, although last couple of days makes us think its July-August!

Time to give your cars and vans their own spring clean with our EDT engine detox treatment. The benefits to you and your motor are enormous and it takes the same time as an MOT, or can be tagged on to your vehicle service. Get all the muck out of your vehicle engine.

Let it run like a dream. Emissions go through the floor and fuel economy through the roof. Enjoy a smoother, quieter drive and reduce vehicle running costs.

Call our service reception now, on 01923237135, to book your treatment.

Your vehicle will love you for it!

Winter Motor Care

You don’t like getting up on a cold, crispy morning. Neither does your car or van! At least most of us get covered up and kept warm at night. Not all vehicles are garaged and protected against the elements. So, time to touch basics on winter motor care.

  • USE A SCREEN PROTECTOR when temperatures dip below freezing.
  • USE DE-ICER SPRAY into frozen door locks.
  • START THE ENGINE AND GET VEHICLE HEATING ON, while you are de-icing.
  • DON’T USE WIPERS ON A FROZEN WINDSCREEN, it wrecks them. Scrape the screen clear of ice first.
  • Ensure you have good all round visibility from your motor before driving off.
  • IF THE ENGINE WON’T TURN OVER and it sounds like a machine gun going off under the bonnet, it’s a battery problem with the noise coming from your starter motor. Get your vehicle battery checked. Even a brand new battery will only produce half its rated load below 5 degrees C.
  • CHECK VEHICLE BRAKES, including the handbrake. See your local garage.
  • CHECK ALL VEHICLE FLUIDS, oils, water and antifreeze levels.
  • CHECK TYRES. Tyres should regularly be checked for wear, tread and air. If the snow hits, winter tyres are ideal – we can get those for you, too.
  • THOSE DRIVING REAR WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES consider carrying a few paving slabs in the boot of your car! The added weight improves traction in ice and snow. Can also be placed in front of wheels to help you move forward if stuck.
  • CARRY WARM CLOTHING AND A BLANKET in the boot, plus a pack of biscuits, bar of chocolate and water or a thermos hot drink. If you are on special medication, ensure you carry it with you.
  • ENSURE YOUR MOBILE TEL is working and fully charged up.
  • IF DRIVING CONDITIONS ARE SEVERE, ask yourself, do you really need to make that journey? If you do, tell a family member where you are going. Give them an idea of when you should arrive and that you will call to confirm safe arrival. They will be expecting that call.

KEEP OUR NUMBER HANDY! If you need us, remember Bushey Hall is here for you, offering 24-hr recovery, and service, mechanical, diagnostic repairs, full bodyshop facilities, MOT’s and tyres. Ask our reception about the unique new Bushey Hall Garage platinum service.

Drive safely and a very Happy Christmas from all at Bushey Hall Garage.

TEL: WATFORD (01923) 237135

Electric cars need to sing!

Electric cars need to sing! Electric cars have a safety issue, but not related to the motors, to the public. Because they move along the road surface silently people can’t hear them coming. Nissan has unveiled sound future electric vehicles with the ‘canto’ concept, canto from Latin for ‘I sing.’

Designed with pedestrian safety in mind, the unique sound varies in pitch and tone depending on driving conditions. Now car manufacturers are being told ALL electric cars must make noise by 2019! If you are currently using an electric vehicle and it makes no noise, better start singing lessons or ensure the horn works! Be careful out there.

Hay Fever Sufferers

WARNING: All hay fever sufferers who drive. 2-million drivers are thought to have had an accident, near miss or loss of control of their vehicle as a direct result of hay fever! A sneeze at 70mph can impair vision for up to 100 metres. Keep vehicle windows closed and get your air-conditioning checked.

Air condition units need to be run throughout the year not just when its warm and need decontaminating once a year and the pollen filter changed. Worried about your air-con.

Give us a call at Bushey Hall.

Feeling the Heat?

You feeling the heat while driving? Its hot out there!

How’s your air-conditioning?

If you feel the air-conditioning in your motor is not up to par, give us a call. It may need a quick re-gas. Get it checked out.

Vehicles Overheating

Had customers in this week whose vehicles have been overheating. We have electric cooling fans in our motors, but they can seize due to lack of use! Reason: in normal operation airflow while driving is enough to cool the engine, but in very hot weather, that fan needs to work.

Is your vehicle feeling the heat?

Give us a call and get your electric fan checked out.

A fantastic job

31 March 2017

Hi Roger

I would like to thank you and your team for a fantastic job. I was so upset when someone reversed into the car I’d only had it a few days.

I would certainly use your garage again although under different circumstances and I would highly recommend your garage.

Many thanks.



A White Paper is out to start the process which could make the first MOT on vehicles 4 years from date of registration. Safety groups say death rates will rise and cases of serious injury will increase as a result. Our MOT station sees vehicles 3 years old with tyres down to the cords, lights out,brakes below minimum performance levels and seat belts that will not fasten – and thats just a few of the faults. All can cause an accident.

Support the call for staying as we are – 3 years – on MOT411consultation@eftgsi.gov.uk.

This country has a good MOT test, but it must remain at 3yrs from date of registration.

Please share this post.


Save Money on Vehicle Bulbs

Our customers can now save money on their vehicle bulbs. We are a Bosch Car Service centre and Bosch has a new ECO bulb range available to the trade. That means our customers needing bulbs now have the option of a Bosch branded product at a lower price point.

The range covers 25 of the most common types of bulbs and provides more than 90% market coverage.

Winter Checks

Time to check out a few things with the cold snap upon us and nights drawing in: Batteries, wipers, bulbs and brakes. Batteries coming up to the end of life can easily give problems in the cold spell. Wipers need to be in good condition and bulbs and brakes in full working order. If you have any concerns with your vehicles, give us a call at Bushey Hall Garage and get your vehicle checked over. Keep safe. Remain legal! Call Bushey Hall on Watford (01923) 237135.

NEW Bosch Safety Systems

TECHNOLOGY on new cars and vans is now so advanced that if you are involved in a road traffic accident and your airbag goes off, your vehicle can contact the emergency services for you and give your exact location.

If you are driving an existing motor, BOSCH has now designed a system, costing from as little as £59, which goes one step further. All you need is an app on your smart phone and your vehicle will not only summon help and give your location, it will also email us at Bushey Hall as your selected garage and a local Bosch Car Service centre, an email giving any fault codes on your vehicle. We can then respond and make arrangements to get your vehicle booked in for repairs. It’s remote technology at its best, keeping your rolling and saving lives.

You can see this new Bosch safety system at a presentation being held at West Herts College in Kings Langley on September 7th. If you would like to attend, please contact Dawn Ayres at Bushey Hall on 01923 815932 or email dawn@busheyhallgarage.co.uk

  • Dawn recommends those needing a new smart phone or indeed mobile or telephone systems for home/business to contact David Cameron of Pink Connect on 07967000430. Just give Dawn’s name and David will look after you.


With the warmer weather upon us, it’s time for those with air-conditioning in their vehicles to ensure the system is operating effectively.
We always advise our customers run their air-conditioning systems throughout the year, not just in the summer months. This helps avoid any performance issues. However, many drivers don’t and when they want a cool vehicle interior, the air-conditioning lets them down.
If your air-conditioning unit is out of action, or performance is not as it should be, give us a call. There may also be an unpleasant odour coming from it – this does need sorting. Air-conditioning units that are not looked after and checked can produce bugs similar to legionnaires disease. This gives you a sore throat and watery eyes.

Bushey Hall can check and gas your air-conditioning system for you in just an hour. The cost for a conventional system is £65 plus VAT. If there is no gas in the system, we will also test it with nitrogen to make sure there are no leaks, before recharging.
Want to keep your cool on the roads this summer? Call Bushey Hall to book your air-condition check on WATFORD 237135.

15,000 Renault Captur cars have been recalled to fix an emissions ‘glitch’.

The French carmaker has recalled more than 15,000 diesel cars after they were found to exceed the acceptable levels of NOx emissions. The filtration system needs correcting on Captur’s produced between July and September 2015.Renault has confirmed the recall, claiming that a “calibration error” in the emissions-cutting system of its diesel engines was to blame. If you have one of these vehicles contact your dealer for advice.

Deep clean engine treatment

Bushey Hall can now offer car and van drivers the award-winning EDT Automotive deep clean engine treatment for petrol or diesel vehicles. The treatment is revolutionary and taking the motor repair industry by storm. We are the only centre in our area able to offer it.

The treatment which takes the same time as an MOT- 45 minutes, costs just £118.00 plus oil, filter and VAT. Result: dramatic reduction in emissions, smoke, wear and tear costs. Oil is cleaner after use, engine – smother, quieter and performance restored. Extend the life of your vehicle. Call our service team to book a deep engine clean.


Bushey Hall Garage can offer drivers a revolutionary new service for their vehicles next week – and it will be the only garage in the area to offer it, too.

Do you look after your vehicles , but change them when they get a few miles on the clock or you think the engine could start giving you issues? Perhaps it already is!

Would you rather not put that money to other use and be able to keep running the motor you know for a few more years?

Well, now you can!

Checkout our website next Thursday for further details, ahead of new service launch, or call our offices Friday to make a booking. This really is a mega deal for motorists and one they cannot afford to miss.

Watch out for exploding air bags

Honda and Daihatsu are recalling more than 5-million cars to replace potentially fatal airbag inflators made by Japan’s Takata Corp – some dating back to 2000. The recalls come a day after Toyota and Nissan said they were taking back some 6.5-million vehicles worldwide after investigations showed the inflators were not properly sealing. They can erupt with too much force, spraying shrapnel inside the car.

Models affected include the Fit subcompact from Honda and Mira minicar from Daihatsu. Anyone driving one of these vehicles should get a recall. Make sure it happens! This is a dealership recall so vehicles need to go back to your local dealership. Safety comes first. Drive safely. Dateline May 15th, 2015.


TyresAt Bushey Hall Garage we ALWAYS put safety first. Our aim is to keep your motoring service and repair costs down, but still to use a quality product, fit for its purpose, every time

Tyres are a very important part of any vehicle – they connect you to the road surface. Poor tyre quality, wrongly sized tyres, low tread and part worn varieties, could cost lives. The big question when purchasing any second hand tyre is, do you know the history of that tyre? Has it come from a vehicle involved in an accident or one which has been disposed of? Is it legal? Is it safe?

One tyre outlet which sold new and part worn tyres, was recently subject to a test purchase operation by Trading Standards after complaints were received from customers.

It resulted in a nine month suspended sentence for the trader, 150 hours community service and £26,000 in fees for being found guilty of possessing and supplying dangerous products, one count of supplying an incorrectly sized spare tyre and another of providing false information.

Tyres should be checked regularly for wear, punctures need addressing without delay and reputable garages or tyre outlets used. Don’t cut corners. Your safety and that of others on the roads, depends on you making the right decisions on tyres. You have a responsibility to do so.

At Bushey Hall Garage, we will never fit a part worn tyre to your vehicle. We can repair punctures, whenever possible. We are trained to do so and have the necessary equipment. If you need a replacement tyre, we will get you a new tyre at a very good price – no hand-me-downs – and we will fit it for you in our tyre bay. Your safety is our prime concern. Call our service department on 01923 237135 for further details.

Garage Loyalty

New research has found that 3 in 10 drivers remain loyal to their garage. More are now using the internet to shop around. The trouble with this is, the internet can only give a generic response, not tailor made and the information is often out of date.

At Bushey Hall garage our retention rate is between 90 and 93% – that’s because of the all round motoring package we provide, good service and value for money.

Knowing you have a garage you can trust close by and that you can call with any problems and for advice, is a bonus.

Knowing you have one that goes the extra mile to provide a tailor-made, quality service, at realistic prices, is a plus.

And having one that’s a one-stop shop, is the icing on the cake. Centres that offer this sort of package are the ones you need to recommend.

Bushey Hall is such a garage– we intend to push our retention rate up to the full ton. Tried, trusted and proven we are a leader in our field. Call Dawn Ayres, the you bend em, we mend em girl from Bushey Hall garage, on Watford 01923 237135.

Bosch Car Service sets standard with 99.8% customer satisfaction

Press Release: March 2015

Bosch Car Service has reaffirmed its status as the UK’s leading garage network, with the latest independent customer satisfaction survey results showing that an amazing 99.8% of customers would use the network again.

Bushey Hall Garage was one of the first BCS centres in the UK and remains a Bosch Car Service outlet for the Bushey, Watford and surrounding areas.

The Bosch Car Service scheme, prides itself as offering a high-quality multi-brand alternative to main dealer networks and consistently delivers impressive scores in its annual independent customer survey. A huge 97% of respondents rated the helpfulness of staff as excellent, while 94% of those surveyed also assessed the overall service given as excellent.

In keeping with Bosch Car Service’s transparent approach to car servicing, 98% of respondents said that the total cost of work was in line with the initial estimated figure, while just under 100% (99.5%) said that the final invoice clearly expressed the work done, costs and charges applied and details of warranty coverage.

Originally launched in 2003, Bosch Car Service comprises of over 500 members in the UK and Ireland and is the longest running code of conduct for service and repair of vehicles.   The network was the first to receive OFT approval for its service and repair code and latterly, an inaugural member of the Trading Standards Institute’s (TSI) Consumer Codes Approval Scheme.

Rhian Kendall, Concept Manager at Bosch Car Service, said: “We set up the scheme to give vehicle owners real peace of mind when looking for a garage. All the independent garages in the scheme have a vested interest in delivering first-rate customer service, as their livelihoods depend on repeat business. These results show just how effective their hard work has been.”

Call Bushey Hall Garage, your one-stop accident repair and service centre, MOT testing station and Bosch Car Service site. TEL 01923 237135. The Bushey Hall team, headed up by Dawn and Roger Ayres, have your best interests at heart – to keep you rolling and to help you SAVE £s on car or van maintenance and repairs.

Keep an eye on your bulbs!

Nights are drawing in. The need to be seen out there on the roads in all weathers, day and night becomes even more important. This is the time of year as temperatures dip that vehicle bulbs tend to go. read more…



As weather conditions deteriorate and many of us are travelling home in the dark, Bushey Hall Garage – the company that cares – offers you some sound advice on what to carry on you, in your vehicle, to help keep you safe.  Why not make up an SOS box – the ideal gift for new drivers, or  those who spend many hours at the wheel.

MOBILE TELEPHONE:  Always carry a mobile phone and ensure it’s charged up ready for use.

CASH:  Always carry a small amount of cash about your person for any sudden emergencies.

TORCH:  Keep a torch in your vehicle.  You could lose all power and very handy if you breakdown roadside during the hours of darkness.  Check the torch works before starting your journey!

WARM CLOTHING:  Keep warm clothing in your vehicle, incase you breakdown or get stuck in a jam in bad weather.  Include wet weather coat or jacket.  A travel rug is a useful addition, too.

MAP: Carry a map to help pinpoint your location to any SOS services – Police, Fire, Ambulance and breakdown and recovery teams.  It is most important these services get accurate information, and fast!  You need to know where you are.

HI-VIS VEST:  If your vehicle comes to a halt, the safety of yourself and all in your vehicle are of prime concern.  You may need to step away from your vehicle to a point of safety and you need to be seen. A Hi-vis, reflective vest is an important item of safety wear to carry in your vehicle.

DRINKING WATER: Carry a bottle of drinking water.  Useful for you, your passengers, your radiator and washer reservoir!

FIRST AID: Carry a small basic first aid kit and couple of plastic bags.

PEN & PAPER: Always have a pen, pencil and paper handy.  Pens left in vehicles often do not work when you need them to.

WARNING TRIANGLE: Carry a warning triangle and place this between 50 and 150 metres to the rear of your vehicle to warn oncoming traffic that you have stopped.

HAZARD WARNING LIGHTS: Use your hazard warning lights if you breakdown or indeed are involved in an accident.  Turn all other lights OFF.  If you have broken down, by turning all other lights off you are preserving battery power and it also makes your vehicle more visible with purely hazard lights on.

DON’T PANIC: Whatever happens, don’t panic.  You put yourselves and others at risk if you panic.  Remember, your biggest risk at the side of the road is being run into by another vehicle.  Stay calm, help is at hand.


BHG:  Put our Bushey Hall Garage telephone number on your mobile phone and keep our address handy. Remember our recovery service operates 24hrs a day, 365 days of the year.  We also give priority to women alone, or with young children.  If you are stuck roadside, give us a call.

TEL: WATFORD (01923) 237135

WD23 2QE



When the weather conditions deteriorate and snow, ice, or torrential rain make driving conditions hazardous, many motorists end up in a ditch or abandoning their vehicles roadside.

For some, they just do not feel it is safe to continue.  Others believe their tyres are letting them down and that they could go on, with  the extra protection of WINTER TYRES.

Bushey Hall Garage Bosch Car Service centre can supply you with winter tyres upon request. Our staff can also advise how to get the best from them.

Winter tyres  come in to their own when road conditions are poor and you need extra traction.  They are specially designed to cope with winter weather – extreme conditions.  But they do come at a price. So take advice before you buy. Ensure you get the best tyres for your vehicle and at the right price.

Call Bushey Hall Garage on Watford (01923) 237135



As temperatures dip, vehicle batteries are working harder to keep you rolling.  Just look at all those items in our cars and vans that we take for granted, everytime we turn on the ignition – lights, radio, heaters, air-conditioning (yes, you still need that working in the winter), wipers, washers.  You name it, vehicles are multi-tasking and really put through their paces when the thermometer drops to freezing.

When did you last have your vehicle battery checked? Can you remember? The average life of a car battery is four years. But this can depend on the quality of battery fitted, mileage and ofcourse driving conditions.

Some of you may also be low mileage users, whose vehicles are left standing for some time, perhaps without a garage. Extreme weather conditions take their toll.

Give Bushey Hall Garage a call. We can check your vehicle battery out for you, and advise if its beginning to struggle. We can also replace your vehicle battery, with a quality product that won’t let you down.  Being a Bosch Car Service centre, we can also service and maintain your vehicle, even if it is still under warranty – without affecting your warranty cover.

It is most important that vehicles are serviced regularly and have an up to date MOT.  Missing these checks mean that it is only a matter of time before your vehicle lets you down.

Call Bushey Hall Garage Bosch Car Service centre, on Watford (01923) 237135.

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter.  Get the strength of the Bosch Car Service UK network around you.  Drive safely.

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